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Member Buy Member FAQ's

Q:  Who is eligible to offer a Member Buy Member Discount?
A:  Any member of the Allen Chamber of Commerce can participate in the program.

Q:  Who is eligible to receive a Member Buy Member  Discount?
A:  Any member business and their employees are eligible to receive the discounts offered in the program.

Q:  How can I verify if a business is a member of the Allen Chamber of Commerce?
A:   For an up-to-date listing of member businesses, please visit .  You can also refer to the current issue of the Membership Directory, or contact the Allen Chamber at (972) 727-5585.

Q:  How do I verify that someone works for a member business?
A:  The employee will need to provide their MBM Discount card, their company business card, or their employee ID in order to receive the benefits.

*Please note – Discounts are offered at the discretion of the participating business. If proper ID is not provided the member business is entitled to deny the discount if they choose.

Q:  How long is the discount offered to the membership?
A:  Discounts are generally offered for a period of one year from the date of submission unless the Chamber is notified in writing of a change or discontinuation. Complete details, exclusions, and an expiration dates are listed on the MBM’s discount coupon.

Q:  What kind of discount should I offer?
A:  Many members offer a percentage off coupon for their products or services. Example: “10% off a specific service” or “special rates for particular services”.  Discounts are ultimately at the member’s discretion.

Q: What if I take part in the program, but change my mind?
A:  Members may discontinue their discount at any time. The Chamber requires a 30-day written notice to update the website and any promotional material.

Q:  Which businesses take part in the Member Buy Member  Discount program?
A:  For a complete listing of participating businesses, visit the Chamber’s online member-buy-member discount directory at Participating members are easily identified by the MBM Logo next to their on-line membership listing. Participants also display their MBM discount sticker at their business.

Q:  When do I use my Member Buy Member  Discount Card?
A:  You can use your Member Buy Member discount Card when shopping at member businesses that offer member buy member discounts. You may also search for discounts by category on our main BMB program page.

Q:  Do I have to use my Member Buy Member Discount Card to be eligible for the discounts?
A:  No. Member discounts can be confirmed using an employer identification card, a business card or your Member Buy Member discount card. 

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